Jenny Cecilia Berggren was born in Gothenburg, Sweden on May 19, 1972. She was the youngest sibling in the family, the others were sister Malin, and brother Jonas. When she was young, Jenny was a good student. Her family put her into music and she began playing the violen. This did not last very long though. In her late teens Jenny began singing for a group called Tech Noir, which is now known as Ace Of Base. The group was made up of her, her brother and sister, and her current boyfriend Ulf. The first album did extremely well, but Jenny mostly sang backup lines, as Malin did the lead singing. It was after the album's release, in April of 1994 something happened to Jenny that she would never forget. A crazy fan armed with a knife broke into her house at night and stabbed her mother's hand. Although this girl was arrested, Jenny forgave her. She wrote a song about this incident called "Ravine" which was on the second album. Jenny took the lead singer's role when the third album was released. Jenny is 170cm (5'7) tall and weighs 56kg (123 pounds). She enjoys painting and her biggest wish is to help people

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